Thursday, May 5, 2011

And It's Outta The Park or Yard in this case

Carrie spent the night after the game. I let her play with her new toy, the Play Doh Cake Making thing. Finally around 2100 hrs I said "Come on Carrie, it's bath time."  I usually never wait this late for her bath not because Carrie will be too tired but because I will be the one that can't hang. I'll get impatient and short with her playing and dawdling around so to avoid this she baths around 1700 hrs and it works best for both of us. I am still alert enough to play with her in the bath and let her take a long soak.

We didnt' have that time last night. We had a quick shower and nixed on the shampoo and headed for the bed. Carrie didn't last an hour. I heard her slow soft breaths and when I glanced over, she was propped up on the pillows, eyes closed and gone. The game must have done her in.

Her game? Her game is amazing. Today we lined up in front of the big maple tree in the front yard, her pink bat on her shoulder, feet in correct stance as I pitched some balls to her. Most of the time she connected and sent the ball out of this yard and 1/2 across the neighbors yard. Each time she hit the ball, I covered my head, spun around and ducked low. I'm not ashamed to admit, I hate those hard balls. I'm scared of them and I'm quick to tell anyone I am.

Elise stopped by and watched Carrie bat. She offered to take her to the park after she did some grocery shopping. I told Carrie she would have to change out of her Princess Carrie green chiffon dress and into shorts and tee. Yes, my little princess was practicing in her dainty girlie dress and full makeup.

April phoned and wanted to know if I wanted to come help her change a fuel filter so Carrie was washed off and redressed in shorts and we made our way to April's house but it wasn't immediately so by the time we got to April's house she had the old filter off and the new one on. Ted was a happy trucker. His pickup was again running smoothly. Ya gotta love a girl with a wrench!

Everyone is home now including the husband who arrived a few minutes ago with a treat. He had stopped in Luling, Texas and had a freezer wrapped package of ribs, sausage and brisket.

I'm packing now for New Orleans tomorrow. We will go to Jazz Fest Saturday and Sunday and will spend Saturday night in the city.
I'm packing now! Good night.

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