Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doomsday and The Earl

Gus and Carrie

Ted and Earl

Another rescue has been completed and all parties involved couldn't be happier!

Gus came into our lives and more specifically the daughter's family when his previous owners were contemplating taking him to the pound. Gus lived with a family of four. When the two children started school, Gus became bored with his life and started digging holes in his yard. The father in this house gave instructions to his wife to get rid of the dog before he got back from being "offshore" or he would be taken to the pound.

Welcome Gus. You are now a member of a new family that loved you for years and years. Ted was just a wee child when Gus arrived and Gus was still around some 8 yrs. later when Carrie arrived. By the time Carrie had reached the age of 3, poor Gus had tumors in his mouth that bled when he tried to eat dry dog food. The tumors were down the sides of his body and toward the end, he couldn't get his mouth into his dog dish to eat or drink. When the daughter had to sit and hold the dish up to his face so he could eat, she knew she had waited as long as she could.
Gus and the family went to the vet's office where Gus was tenderly released from his pain with his family close by.
Carrie is now 5 yrs old and Ted is almost 18 and Earl made his appearance yesterday.
Earl is a 4 month old fawn boxer. His tail has been clipped but his ears remain full. He has papers that need to be completed to register him. Earl needed rescued also and the daughter had been waiting these past two years for just such a boxer to come into her life. Earl has arrived!

This is May 21st and the day the world has yet again predicted to end by the doomsday cult. Earl hasn't yet spent a full 24 hrs with his new family. We aren't telling him about the bad news. He is happy and what does it matter if it's only going to be for one day. 

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  1. Lovely story Charlotte. And how lucky is Gus..finding a family to love and cherish him. I just had a feeling that your family were dog lovers! xx


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