Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Damn I'm Tired!

I had a few plans for today and when I emerged from slumber land, I didn't waste a minute of time. 0600 hrs. and I slipped into an old pair of shorts and t shirt and opened the door to temperatures of 75 degrees. That is exactly why I started early. The heat has descended upon us in all it's stickiness. We still have a breeze blowing but now it's mostly warm air moving around.

Laundry on the line and folding the previous load and then back outside. I scrubbed the Marquis. The water that I splattered over myself didn't bother me at all. It was cool and sometimes I turned the garden hose on my feet and legs to cool off.

The husband trimmed a gardenia bush and all the clipping I picked up filled a contractors black trash bag. Cleaning off both outside areas, front porch and patio I finished up before noon and the highest temps of the day were creeping in.

The phone rang and the call was for the hubby to leave town. He hurried inside to pack his  bags and get directions to the rig and he was gone.

I was ready to get a shower and a nap until the phone rang again and Carrie's voice was on the other end begging me to come to her house. "We're going to Kart Ranch" she chirped. I want you to come too!"

I thought I would treat myself to an afternoon of coolness beneath the A/C unit, but instead I was heading for Carrie's house.

Sweat gathered on our faces and stained our shirts. The bottle of cold water I snagged from the fridge before leaving was now lukewarm. Did we care? It was wet and that was good enough. We putt putted around the course and at the 15th hole I began to cheat. I hung back and let the others go ahead, then I dropped the ball in the cup, yelped to the others around the bend ahead that I had made it, picked out the ball and moved along. I was ready to get inside for a while.

We turned in our golf equipment after the
 18th hole of misery and stopped by the cantina for a cold drink. A short stay for sure and I didn't want to whine. I followed everyone out to the go cart track. Zipping around the course in that little car with Carrie seated beside me was actually fun. Carrie squealed in the turns and we all laughed at her and enjoyed the rush of air as we sped along. When it was time to leave, I was NOT unhappy!

Back to the daughter's house after picking up some lunch, we eventually ended up in the pool where we stayed for a couple of hours.

I'm home now with Carrie and I'm ready to pass out. This day ended up being more then I had planned.
Good times! .....I'm not unhappy that it went a little off track. Sometimes going off track and doing something unplanned and spontaneous beats the best laid plans.

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