Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just another day...

Ah, Friday. If I had a job that was one from Monday through Friday, this would be the day I would be raring to get through. 24 hrs later I would be frantic about how quickly my days off have whizzed by. Since I am not employed, I can tack on two more days to the past 5 days as a normal and routine schedule of days.

I've been cutting roots. The big maple tree in front of this house has roots that appear just beneath the St. Augustine  and seek the foundation of this house. I've already seen what they can do to a sidewalk, so I have a maul and as I pace around that tree in my bare feet, I can feel the roots just beneath the grass. I've been swinging that maul and cutting through those roots and removing a 5 inch section. The part of the root that is moving to the house has now lost it's supply of nutrients and should rot.

I can get obsessed with doing this and soon the yard looks as though a herd of gophers have torn through it.

It's too hot to be outside for long and it's only May. I can't imagine at this rate, what August will be like around here. I'm wilting now. I'm off to get a shower. Carrie has a game tonight and I'll be in the dug out! game:
OMG, it was HOT. The little guys would remove their helmets, hair saturated with sweat, faces reddened, they shove their way to the bench to grab their drinks.

I'm again the dugout mom. I herd them back onto the field and then walk out to stand with the little ones in the outfield. As their attention wanders, I shout to them "Eye on the ball! Emma, Carrie..eye on the ball!"

I spin around to survey the field and the players and shout encouragement to them. They are hot. I'm hot. The sun is setting and shines directly into their eyes. Gloves are held up to shield their faces which makes it impossible to watch the ball. I want to go home; this feeling is in harmony with the little players. I understand. This isn't my game either.

Four more games and this fun should end. The temperatures this week are expected to be in the HIGH 90's, much to hot for the month of June.

Hurricane season starts soon and with this high heat already, the thought of what this may mean in terms of ocean temperatures is scary!

It's time to post and get something else done. Like sleep maybe?

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