Friday, November 20, 2009

I warped out the background on this; the shelving that was behind her in this photo is now blurred out and the child becomes the most important thing in the photo. There are a few more I wanted to clean up and I may rest my foot and play Photo Shop today.

Carrie wanted to play with Photo Shop; one of her fav things to do here and we order up a picture for her to practice her artist's nature. (see below)

She emailed this to her mom; mom wasn't really all that impressed. She even messed with the stuffed elephant's eyes so they would all match.

Maybe this is why she is afraid to walk through my house alone?

I haven't heard anything new on the rig explosion in Texas and when the husband called last night, he didn't have any more information. Safety meetings are held twice a day, morning and afternoon, on every rig in that field. All are subject to what happened yesterday and they must be on their toes and alert to everything going on and ready to move out quickly.

Husband has been evacuated from an offshore platform when the well came in on them. Floating in a capsule in the ocean and waiting on someone to rescue them was not his usual day; he didn't like working offshore.
I'm sleepy, groggy and just not alert enough to be in here so I think I'll leave for a while to either wake up or go opposite. My heel feels like a chunk of ice; it's buried in that ice pack Zip Lock gallon bag which works better then the gel ice pack I bought at the drug store. Old ways are sometimes still the better way.


  1. There is a future blog in that last paragraph.

  2. They were eventually collected and quarantined at a hotel and were not allowed to talk to CNN who arrived shortly after the incident.


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