Friday, November 13, 2009


In a time almost too distant to remember, at least in my case with the itty bitty memory reservoir I seem to be left with, Carl is back.
Carl and I had a steady ongoing fling from December 2007 through June 2008. We met every weekend and spent about 6 hours together; we stayed busy and were exhausted after our tryst.
Carl had more stamina then I. His age or non aged state gave him all that lasting power. Me? At the end of 6 hours I was exhausted.

I've posted a picture of Carl on this blog in the past. Some nerve eh? Well, it was a picture of Carl at work at the University. Carl is The Carpenter and if I had called him anything other then that I would have known his last name. What is it with me and last names? I figure if I can just remember one of the names assigned to the people I meet, then lucky them!

Carl is tall but not super tall. Let's say he's around 5'10" shall we? I know that our eyes are not on a level with each other and I'm 5' 8 1/4". I've always wanted to be 5'10" so I never let anyone forget that 1/4" when my height is measured. Carl looks as though he has never had a good meal in his life. His rib cage is countable; the sternum is visible. Long and lanky arms and legs, a good Halloween decoration he would make. Every weekend that Carl was here, I would make sure he had food and lots of it.
Sometimes I would have something cooked and sometimes I would roll down to the local eatery and pick up something of his choice. From December through June Carl arrived around 9AM each weekend morn and I would have the saw horse set up, the compressor plugged in and compressing I'm guessin air? I was ready and Carl and I would begin our weekend together; every Saturday and Sunday for 6 months.

When we neared the end of installing the Hardi Plank on the house, I asked Carl if he could move the long row of cabinets above my breakfast bar to open up the kitchen to the dining area. "Sure Miss Ann" (that's a southern thing they do here; they never say just your first name if they are younger then you) he would drawl. When that job neared an end, I asked him if he could install hardwoods. "Sure, Miss Ann" said Carl the Carpenter. I was delighted.
The husband thought when Carl finished the outside of this house with the Hardi Plank, I would send him on his way. Puhleeeeeeeeeeese! I've found someone that will do whatever I suggest without asking "Now, why do you want that done?". That's usually the reply from the husband when I suggest a project. Not so with Carl. I would only have to ask and have my checkbook ready at the end of the weekend. Carl was my hero, a paid hero but still my hero.
I had an estimate for hardwoods for the three bedrooms. The estimate from the flooring place was over 14 thousand dollars. I ordered the hardwoods for one bedroom from an online store and had Carl lay it so I could find out if it was poorly milled and difficult to lay. The weekend Carl laid that floor he passed judgement on the flooring and the following week I ordered enough for the other two bedrooms. Four thousand dollars later I had hardwoods in all three bedrooms and I was one happy homeowner to have rid myself of carpet from this entire house.
Carl called. Yes! He just called me and said he was looking for something to do this weekend and he wasn't talking about a dinner date.
I'm going to leave here in a few minutes to find a 6ft. counter top and a stainless steel double sink. I already have the new sink fixtures bought on sale a year ago. Carl is coming! I'm going to replace that nasty laundry room sink with a nice long stainless steel sink, a new Formica countertop and fixtures. I won't tell the husband quite yet. He just left this morning on a job so I'll just surprise him. Won't he be happy that he didn't have to do it? Well, let's hope so, cause that is exactly what I'm going to do.
I had on my list a leisure day. A "foot rest" day and a visit to Peg out in the country . She's leaving on her cruise on Monday so she will be out of touch for a while. I'm going to try to do just that if I can quickly find the supplies needed for the laundry room so I have to rush out of here.
I'll be bacccccccck!

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