Saturday, November 7, 2009

Geeky Me

Joy came to visit yesterday. No, not the joy of joyous but the Joy, my friend Joy. Although the turkey hasn't seen the inside of the oven yet, everyone is out and about buying a few things for Christmas and if they aren't buying, they are crafting something with it being gifted to someone.

Joy called and asked if I could print something for her. I told her to give me an hour as I was going to go get lost in Walmart's parking lot. I specified an hour when I only needed to pick up a loaf of bread but I wanted to give myself plenty of time to find my car (just in case) in the event that I pulled another bonehead stunt as my hubby so lovingly tagged my experience of two days ago.

I asked Joy, who is a bit computer 'tarded, how she was bringing the material she wanted printed to me. I'm thinking a jump drive or a cd with the information saved on it. She replies "in my hand, and I'll be driving my car". I'm so glad she couldn't see my eye roll.

I thought Joy and I had agreed on a 1 hour from now date to meet at my house. I got back home, stowed the stuff I bought and then waited. I waited for the next 3 hours. Apparently Joy thought I would call and tell her when I was home and I thought she would just show up in an hour.

While waiting, I played on the internet interrupted with bouts of cleaning guilt. I would wipe off a surface out of guilt and then be back at the computer wasting some perfectly good time.

Around 4PM Joy calls. Yep, she had been waiting on me to call. She heads to my house and into the office. I have no clue what she had in mind and I think she was clueless also. She wanted a company logo transferred to a sheet of paper that would have a mission statement and photos of the skyline of Houston attached to it. She tried drawing the logo and failed. She called a graphic artist what wanted to charge her 250.00 for a consultation. She realized I would be cheaper and more then cheap, I would be free so she contacted me.

I scanned the logo, saved it to my pictures folder and then moved it to a Word Document, moved it, re sized it and then in the opposite corner I put in the company's mission statement. She had old postcards of the Houston skyline that will be attached in opposite corners; she will have it matted and framed and give it as a gift to her urban planner brother in law that owns his own company in Houston and in Denver. This is a man that is very difficult to buy for so she opted to make him something. Me? I thought she just wanted me to print something on my printer using my ink. Not the case. She needed graphic help. Surprise, surprise and she was. She was very happy with the finished product and I was happy that she was happy.
She hung around for another few hours and we did all that girl talk stuff; chowed down on the baked steak, gravy and mashed potatoes and laughed on and off for those few hours.
A good afternoon and we promised we would do it again real soon. I probably won't see her until next Christmas when we repeat some other bright idea for gifting!

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