Friday, November 6, 2009

Row 3, Row 3, Row 3

I had to go to Walmart this morning and the first thing I did when I nosed my car into the parking slot was make a mental note of the row I was parking in. Row 3 I kept repeating to myself as I headed for the entrance of the store.

Late last night when talking to hubby, he's in Claybourne, Texas as mentioned on yesterday's post, I mentioned to him that I needed to go back out and pick up some bread and something for dinner. His reply "order in".
"Do not leave the house". "Very funny", I replied sarcastically. I'm doomed to never being allowed to forget my day yesterday.

I've decided that the cause of all my forgetfulness is the cell phone. When you have it plugged into your ear your attention is really not on what you are doing. Divided attention. I don't think I have enough attention to do a division with or of or to. I've made a promise to myself to stay off the cell phone and solve two worries at once; the forgetfulness and the cancer danger from the cell phone usage.
I made it to the store and back without incident. I'm proud of myself because I was really starting to worry about this little problem that seems to afflict not only myself but most of my friends. These are the same friends that are usually on the other end of my cell phone calls.

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  1. Use your cell phone to take a picture of where you parked, e.g. the row number and the nearest business.


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