Monday, November 2, 2009

TKR 8th Month Anniversary

Happy birthday to you! I'm referring to the metal knee shown in this picture. I don't suppose I have to further refer you to which knee is the replacement one.
Clinically: I'm still working on full extension. I put my 10lb weight on it but unfortunately I miss a few days and then resume once again when I schedule for the event. It's too easy to forget about doing the stretches when you would rather be doing anything else but that. Right now I have very few complains about this tkr. The achilles tendon continues to be painful related to the inflammation I have developed in it. I think that is improving although the healing has taken longer then the surgery on the knee.
I think the knee is getting more definition..or more "dents" in it and now my sister who has just had a tkr understands the improvement this defines! The more definition, the less swelling which is always an improvement and for that I'm grateful.

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