Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To or Not

Work. Omg..I might have to go find a job so I'll know what day of the week it is. It doesn't help that Fidel does not have a 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday job either. All this day I have thought it was the weekend; I didn't specify in my mind whether is was a Saturday or Sunday but that it was the weekend.
Certain things I save to do on the weekdays; today we went shopping and to lunch. Doesn't that sound like a weekend to normal people? I mean, after all, it was the middle of the day that we did this. Most people have that time only on a weekend.
One of us is going to have to find a M thru F job. I have been thinking about this. Working. Sometimes that thought doesn't make me nauseous.
I really should go find a job and I don't know why I use that word "should". We are not in financial distress. Hubby is bringing in 1/2 of what he made last year and that is still a lot more then most people make in a un recession year. A job. Getting up and getting dressed and having breakfast at a fixed time because some body has a rule that dictates I be at certain place and at a certain time.
I'm going to have to think about that for a while. Do I want some complete stranger to have that much control over my life? What about my nap time? Will I have to fore go that too. It's no wonder I get a little nauseous thinking about a job.
Right now that's impossible with my Achilles tendon preventing me from walking as much as I would like to. I think it's healing because it hurts less then before and before what I don't know. I really don't know when it started because for months I was taking pain meds for the knee and when I stopped the pain meds is when I felt the pain in the ankle.

Back to the thought of working. Finding a job wouldn't be my problem. I wouldn't consider 40 hrs a week but just a few days a week. Maybe two days week would be enough. Enough to get me out of the house and socializing a bit. Did I say socializing? No, that surely isn't what I meant to say. There is very little time for socializing in my line of work.

Maybe I should just go find a job as a cashier or hostess or some other job with low stress levels. Maybe I'll dial that television to a good movie, snuggle down and forget about this for a while.

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