Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holidays and Gas Wells

I'm just wondering here about the wisdom of naming this a Holiday. Who gets to actually take this holiday. Whoever is doing the cooking is certainly not taking this day as a holiday which I equate to mean "day off". On that note, I'm making a list and checking it wait...that's the other Holiday I'm referencing. I am making a list but it's a supply list for the Sweet Potato Puff, spiral ham, condensed milk, whipped creme, pumpkin's my Thanksgiving Day list so I can enjoy a holiday; I'm the one enjoying it by standing in front of the stove tomorrow to cook as much as can be cooked and refrigerated the day before the big day.

My gathering will be small and for this I'm thankful. Peg, my friend is expecting the whole clan to show up and a clan it is. I was invited to spend the day with her but I declined. Some of the people attending are the very same ones that were sailing the high seas with her and since she didn't do them in then, Thursday might present her with another opportunity. Carving knives strewn around and other kitchen weaponry might be the undoing of a family member; I'm gonna sit this one out safely at home.

"The well took a kick" these words said by the husband two days ago. "It flared 15 ft sometime last week" and then "two days ago it came in on them". He is babysitting his tools that are in the hole while they pump higher viscosity mud around those tools to the bottom of the hole to hopefully seal off the fracture that is letting the gas roil up through the tools. Husband has to stay with his tools and since they can't pull them out of the hole, he can't leave. "Easy money" he says and I said "Safe money?" No answer to that one from him. I was to meet him in Natichoches, La. yesterday but plans changed and he had to stay with the well. Today he planned on going to another job but that changed too.

I would have been back sometime today to get things started for TG. It looks as though he won't make it in unless they can kill that well.

I'm off to get "stuff" and "stuffing" and then a break before I have a close encounter with the stove. Happy Holidays!


  1. Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday.

  2. Buffalo: slay a Canadian turkey and have a feast. Just name the holiday something else like "Happy Maple Leaf" day!


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