Sunday, November 29, 2009

Manipulation/Parkersburg WV Medical Care

My poor sister has my sympathy. She had to go to the surgery suite and have a manipulation. A manipulation is when the surgeon anesthetizes you and then he flexes the leg as far as he can breaking up the scar tissues. This is to enable the knee to 'bend' or to get more flexion.

They told her when to come in for this procedure and the day before, she phoned the surgery suite to find out she wasn't on the schedule. She had to call the doctors' office and they said they would call the surgery center and put her on the schedule. They had forgotten to do this. Strike 1.

During the procedure the doctor was only able to flex the knee to 120 degrees. He was hoping to get 130 to 135 degrees but this wasn't possible. Based on this, her flexion would only be 110 to 113 with physical therapists help. At this time he should have notified her physical therapy group of the amount of flexion he was able to do. He didn't do this. Strike 2.

She goes to physical therapy and they flex her knee back to 118. This was accomplished by holding her down while the physical therapist flexed her knee amid painful gasps. The physical therapists didn't check with the doctor on how much flexion they should be striving toward. Strike 3.

Doesn't anybody there communicate with each other on these patients? When sis goes to the doctors office she learns all this information on her flexion and her limits. This is after she has attended physical therapy for a week and the therapist have cranked back on her knee and unbeknowst of her limit.
Please don't let me ever have to be at the mercy of the Doctors in Parkersburg, WV nor the therapists also.
Three strikes and you're out!

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