Monday, November 9, 2009

um, Now What Was I...............

The video below is dedicated to friends and family this pertains know who you are and I know who you are!
This weekend has just flown by and now there is a Hurricane that has just been downgraded to a tropical storm heading in here. We will get some rain from this and probably a lot.

I'm busy. This is the time I get the crafty little things done for Carrie's great grandparents. It started out as a simple idea but even those simple ideas take up time. Carrie painted the wooden ornaments and her high chair. After she had finished her creations, we had to scrub the acrylic paint off her and her high chair tray.

I left them to dry and came back later and selected a picture of her which had to be reduced in size to fit into the circular opening in the ornament for the picture. Of course the printer had to start rebelling and had to be tweaked, then I did a script in red ink proclaiming "Merry Christmas" 2009.

I decoupaged that onto the wooden ornament and put them away till Christmas. It took much less time to type this then to actually do the "simple" little project.

I put all this stuff on top of the bed in the spare spare bedroom. That would be spare bedroom #2. I'll wrap them with Carrie right before we deliver them so she can hand them to the gr. grandparents. I can see her beaming now!

Now that I have that out of the way, I'm going to dump everything out of this office and make it my goal this week to clean, paint and decorate this little hole in the house. I'll be moving a bookcase to the Little House along with all the "stuff" that is in it. I've put this off long enough. If I disappear for a while, I can be found in this room toiling.

Until then...........

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