Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Litter

Last night Ms. K. (who lives 18hrs. away) stayed on the phone for hours looking at pictures posted on Buffalo's blog. The pictures were not really posted on his blog but linked to through his blog. Some were puzzling, some we never did identify what we were looking at together via the telephone to the ear and the internet page we shared from miles away.

Ted, the Grandson Prince, was in the office on his X Box sharing a game with another player states away and communicating with him through a headset and mike situated between his ears looped over his head. Ah, a typical 21st century evening.

When I was a youth at home, I played Pick Up Sticks, Old Maid, Rummy and I could actually look at the sibling who as I, was involved in this game.

Sometimes I wonder how wonderful all this technology is. I can't imagine not having online access. You can keep the cable TV but don't take away my internet access.

At 9:30 as previously agreed and with threats of limited play time, Ted shut down his game after adiosing his friend and went to his room for a few minutes of TV before sleep. I sneaked in later and turned off his television and threw the clothes into the dryer; waited for them to dry so Prince Ted would have his school uniform fresh and ready to wear in the morning. All that done, I checked the doors and headed to bed at 11:00. Now this is where the story gets nasty. At 2:30 I'm still awake. I've already made multiple trips from the bedroom to the living room to the office and back to bed and I'm still wide awake. I didn't want to take my Ambien this late at night because I wanted to get up early to fix The Prince some scrambled eggs and bacon and tell him goodbye for the day. He just shook his head and said "I get up alone and leave for school everyday." "I don't care", I answered. I want to see you off. What IF something happened and I didn't tell you goodbye." He gave me one of those "yeah right" looks but he knew it was best to not say anything.

I was up and standing at the stove 3 hrs after finally falling asleep. Seeing Ted off after his breakfast, I loaded up the ice pack and climbed back in bed with my headache to try for a few hours more of sleep.

The phone rings and with the ringer turned off in the bedroom, I barely heard it. Snapping up the phone, I glanced to the screen to see the husband calling. Strange that he would call at this time as he is "on tower" in the day and usually calls after 7PM.

"I just wanted you to know that if you see the news report about someone getting killed on the rig in this town, that it wasn't me. A rig down the road took a "kick" and exploded killing one and injuring others."
He didn't know how many others nor to what degree the injuries were. They were closing the highway and evacuating the residents but he was alright and his rig was running. He did tell the rig hands that when he brought his tools out of the hole, he wanted the rig floor cleared of all workers until he pulled the ball from the barrel to let the gas leak off.

I got out of bed and Windexed the coffee table and end tables, breaded some pork chops and started them frying and gave up on the idea of sleep.
They are drilling through millions of "some measurement", I think he said units, and there had been 3 deaths in the past 6 months in this field. So, since sleep was now out of the question and housework was waiting on me, I gave up on the nap thing.

Some good news I do have. The swelling is down and the pain is temporally gone in the Achilles tendon. Ice and maybe the salve have done their job. I'm trying to limit my walking time to give the tendon time to heal. If I stop the icing, all this progress will reverse so I can't falsely believe I'm healed yet.

Some news that is not so great. Sis had to go into the surgical suite to have general anesthesia and have her knee manipulated. I'll talk to her later to see how she feels.
That's all the non news, boring, unimportant litter I have for today. Now why did I have so much typing to do?

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