Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rested and Ready

I'm so terribly out of shape. I suppose spending all that time on the sofa and catching up on the past 20 yrs. worth of serial TV viewing wasn't the wisest decision. Quitting smoking, I figured, compensated for doing nothing. I'm here to tell you, that did not work. I was never short of breath when smoking; now I am. Not all the time but occasionally. Shouldn't I feel better with my lungs clear of all that fresh nicotine? Maybe it's the old stuff that is the culprit? I think, which doesn't mean much here, but that the deep breaths I took while sucking all those carcinogenics into my lungs inflated them to the max. I think I breathe more shallow now and I'm not getting the lung expansion I once practiced. I can get off on a tangent huh? I came in my tidy office to post a little blog and quickly get to work. I'm easily distracted but here goes.
Before my TKR (total knee replacement) I was working with the carpenter on the weekends and through the week I would be moving all the cement siding (Hardi Plank) to the upcoming work location, painting what siding had been hung on the house that weekend, scurrying around and getting more supplies needed for the weekend next and priming and paint 15 solid wood doors that would eventually be hung to replace the cheap hollow core doors in this house. 12 hrs. a day with few breaks and at the end of my day I was tired, but with good reason.

Yesterday I started cleaning out the office. Over 300 music cassettes in their storage containers were happily pitched into the 50 gal. wheeled black monstrosity of a garbage can that sat with lid flipped up just outside the office door. Two Sony Digital cameras that use floppy discs for picture storage and my Canon 35mm SLR with the many lenses I own were moved out and will be adopted out. The two Sony Digitals were from that early period in digital discovery. I look in amazement at those big bulky Sony's and then at the small digital that fits in the palm of my hand and stores pictures on the 1 gigabyte memory card. From albums to 8 tracks to cassettes, to Cd's and now to IPods, we have leaped forward. I didn't find any 8 tracks but I do have albums, Cd's and IPods.
Walls, mirrors and glassed artwork were sprayed and scrubbed till a glow emanated from them. All the furniture had to be scrubbed and later I had to be scrubbed. I was exhausted; my knee functioned wonderfully but the ankle was throbbing by the time I finished.

Today I have a few more hours to spend sorting and cleaning; I've decided not to paint yet. All the cables and electrical cords are neatly snugged to the wall and 3 power strips could be eliminated. This part of the cleanup was not my doing but I do appreciate the tidiness it provides and the husband that spent hours in here to get that done.
Pine Sol and ammonia are my best friends and always have been. Fresh and clean describes this little nook in this house. I hate to admit this, but I was wiping nicotine off some of the things in here. I quit smoking 8 months ago!
I want to get back to it early because I don't want to be doing this all day.
With wash cloth, ammonia and Pine Sol I venture forth.

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