Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Break the Chain

There I am anxiously awaiting my online mailbox to open to see what goodies it holds for me each morning and the smile slowly slips from my face.
Again they are assaulting my mailbox with emails that have in the subject line, Please Do Not Delete, Please Send this back if you can't forward it on, Please Do Not Break The Chain, ad nauseaum.

If there were a mirror placed where I could see myself, I'm sure the evil grin covering my face would scare me into backing away from the computer. Since there is not a mirror, I take that evil gleeful smile and along with the mouse button, I start deleting everyone of those missiles of mass ignorance.

It's a chain! Don't ya get it? Do you think your first born will choke on a 3 carat diamond, or whatever silliness they, the senders, threaten you with?
Especially poor are the ones that tread on our tender feelings. Someone is sick and if you don't pass this on......
Then the school child doing an experiment and clocking how many people, states, countries or basements this email will pass through and recording it for that grade of an A in his experiment.

Forget it kid. If it depends on me passing it along, you will be sitting through that class again next year. Slap that baby on the back until it spits out that 3 carat diamond and we will all go to dinner on it. Lately it has been military related pleas. The poor soldier, the flag and on and on.
Nope, it's still a damn chain letter and since I'm not of the superstitous bend, I mass delete and wait for the next round.
Sometimes it's pretty pictures. I just received the one entitled "Pencil Art".
These I dislike deleting or not sharing although I know they are chain letters but of a different sort. If I get one and it is in the form of an attachement, I just trash that and move on. I hate downloading things that someone sends, even if it is a friend. I'm a safe player and a non player of chains. You have been forewared. I'm here to break the chain not perpetuate it.
I have a Dr's appointment and it's time for me to delete one more chain letter while checking my mail before I sign off for the morning.


  1. If it is something good I delete the "must forward on if you give a damn" part of it and then send it to those I think will enjoy the content.

  2. some people will forward anything. I've learned to open those I deem with discriminating taste; all others go to recycle. Speaking of, does the trash bin on a computer really recycle? It IS called a recycle bin huh?


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