Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 76 Degrees

I heard the lawn tractor fire up and peeked out the kitchen window to see hubby mowing the back yard. He is wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and I'm dressed in lightweight summer clothes.

We went shopping after the chores were finished. The sun beating through the windshield heated the cab of the truck and it was roll down the windows or turn on the a/c. I opted for fresh air. Hubby dropped me off at the mall while he went to the phone store to check on a new cell phone. After making a few other stops, we had lunch outside at a little bistro in a strip mall. It was too hot to sit in the sun although that is exactly what we did as there wasn't a table that was shaded. Lunch and beer consumed, we headed home.
Later this afternoon I will go collect Carrie so she can spend the night and tomorrow morning early we will meet her other grandmother where she will spend Wednesday night and Thursday.

That's my exciting report for this November 3rd. So, how is your day? Anybody doing anything exciting like bungee jumping, free falling from a plane or parasailing?
If you are, please post. I'm yawning myself asleep here.

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