Friday, November 20, 2009

The Scents of This Child

I have no idea why I'm sitting here at 'almost' 10PM. I'm tired and sleepy and I was in bed. Carrie was with me and after I enticed her to lay down instead of using the bed for a trampoline, she soon went to sleep. I got a soft, feather pillow and placed it beside her as I slipped out of bed and to the office. She hasn't arrived in here yet so she must be asleep still.

Her radar sensor that knows when I sneak out of bed might be doing some down time. I'm still watching for her. She arrives silently and quickly at my elbow and accuses me of slipping off.
"Who me? No, I had to go to the bathroom", I say as we move hand in hand back to bed. I'm waiting.

I found the most wonderfully aromatic liquid soap/bubble bath stuff that I am mixing with her shampoo and her hair smells awesome. I lay beside her and the smell of cherry blossoms wafts around her hair and trails into my nostrils; the baby lotion I massage into her arms and legs after her bath leaves it's own fragrance and she is a collage of good smells.

Now I'm wondering just why I sneaked out of bed and away from her.

I'm heading back that way now. Maybe I'll lay beside her and enjoy the air around her and quietly watch something on TV before I drift off to sleep.

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