Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Yesterday

Just yesterday while talking with a friend, I mentioned that if I got any more forgetful I would have to have my name and address tattooed on the palm of my hand aiding whoever found me to delivering me back home.

Today I went to the mall. The mall is not a place I normally visit and when I do the visits are short. With nothing better to do, I decided to exercise my knee and do some inside walking. I was going to visit Dillard's Dept. Store and then walk the mall visiting new shops, stop by the Food Court for a salad and coffee and then go home. I made sure I noted what department of the Dillard's Store I was entering so I could find my car later.
Yep, I did all that. When I got ready to leave, I made my way back to Dillard's' and exited the door at the men's department. By this time my knee has had more then enough exercise and I was looking forward to getting home and taking a shower and doing little or nothing the remainder of the afternoon. All went well until I couldn't find my car in the parking lot.

I searched. I walked around the corner from Dillard's to the other exit door on that side of the mall and still no car. With sore feet, aching ankle and tired knee I returned to the previous lot and still no car. Disgusted, tired and impatient I hailed a mall employee that was driving one of those golf cart things around the mall. I explained my problem and he said "hop in". Hop I didn't but I did crawl into his little cart and away we went.

Away we went for the next hour. First we checked out the parking spaces outside Dillard's. I kept telling Harold, my new friend, that I only intended on shopping in Dillard's and I was sure that was where I parked. Harold, a man of few words and big smiles, just nodded and kept driving. We branched out and start searching the parking areas around the other stores all the while I'm assuring my new buddy Harold that I knew exactly where I had parked. Well, not EXACTLY, but I knew it was in the Dillard's parking areas. Harold just kept smiling and nodding.

One hour later and I'm on the phone to my daughter explaining to her my dilemma. By this time I had placed a call to 911 and reported it stolen. Harold tried to dissuade me from calling but I assured him the car had been stolen. Harold smiled and nodded.

Now daughter is on the way and the police officer is supposed to meet me in the parking area outside the Food Court entrance. Harold is still driving the mall parking areas and I'm already planning on what car I really want to buy this time. I'm wondering how long it will be before the insurance company reimburses me; I looked to the right and there she was. Parked in the parking area of J.C. Penny's! Now who the hell moved my car? I actually said that to Harold who just smiled and kept nodding. By this time I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my good buddy Harold. I was going to invite him for Thanksgiving dinner but I was beginning to have doubts about Harold. I surely knew I was fine.

Harold asked me to use my key to open the door and make sure it was my car. Of course he said it with a smile. I did and it was. I'm still telling Harold I parked in the lot at Dillard's. Smiling and nodding ole Harold gently instructed me to call my daughter and the police. I did both.
With Harold in tow, I started for the door of the mall. I wanted to see if that really was the entrance I had used. As soon as I pried open the door I entered the men's dept. of J. C. Penny's. Harold just smiled and kept nodding.
Seriously now folks, I might need a keeper. The worst part of this whole day is knowing my daughter and hubby both know. I tried to keep it from hubby but when he called he could tell I was distressed. He called between the phone call to the police and the phone call to daughter. I told him I couldn't talk now and hung up on him. He called back a little later and I had to tell him.
Daughter? Well, she wanted to bring friends to the mall to meet me. She told them "oh, you don't want to miss this!"
The cherry on top of this day? I get online and have a statement from Master Card so I sign into my account and check the statement. Posted on the statement as "pending" are charges from Claburne Hosp. Hubby is in Claburne and I felt my pulse rate rise suddenly. I grabbed the phone and called him. When he answered, I asked him if he was in the hospital. I'm on the verge of shouting and was barely containing myself when asking. Of course he answered "no, and why would I ask?" I told him about the Master Card charges at which time he explained the "Hosp" referred to Claburne Hospitality Suites where he was resting each night!
And if he phones me one more time and asks if I know where my car is............
That sound you hear is the shower. I'm done for today.


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