Thursday, January 31, 2013

Copy and Paste, A New Lifestyle

I am writing this in a Word Document. Writing it directly to the Blogger site has become something of a pain lately. I’ll copy and paste this to the Blogger site upon completion. There are a few reasons why I have had to resort to doing this. Mainly it’s “SNAFU” thing. Blogger can’t keep up with the speed that I type and I’m forever waiting on it to catch up and yesterday I posted something only to come back later and find the corrections I had made on it were not there along with half of the post. Several paragraphs were missing and Blogger is supposed to automatically save as you move through it. Corrections are your own responsibility to hit the “Update” icon after proofing.

Most bloggers I know do their print on a Word Document and transfer it to Blogger. I’m of the lazy ilk and now I pay for being lazy. There was nothing earth shaking in the paragraphs that were missing from my posts; it is just aggravating. My proofreading still leaves too many typos but it is especially aggravating to note the ones I corrected were never updated on that page.

Typing in a Word format at least notifies you immediately of misspellings which can be corrected as you type.

Here’s to Word…and me remembering to use it in the future! Copy and paste time!

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