Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rain, Rayne, Rain

We went out for breakfast this morning. We haven't done that for a long time and frankly, I wish we hadn't this morning either. I won't be back. I should have just fried some bacon and eggs and hashbrowns and dropped some bread into the toaster. The problem is in a town filled with restaurants, there are few places to have breakfast.
Afterwards we drove to Rayne and the on to Crowley. Both towns are a little over 10 miles from here. The streets were flooded there. Pirogues (pronounced  PEE  ROWS) were transferring people from their homes to higher ground  where they had parked their cars and trucks.
The rain predicted for today was supposed to engorge already overflowing coolies and bayous and that rain started around 1400 hrs and remained steady throughout the afternoon. We haven't seen the sun for a week now. The humidity remains so high that nothing dries out. The leafs from the big Maple tree are also wet and cling stubbornly to where they have blown in the wind. I've had enough dreary days for a while. Give me a little sunshine.
The temperatures dropped like a rock as soon as the rains started. This week will be another cold, wet one.
Carrie called and begged me to go pick her up and bring her here. When she started crying, I relented and went to collect her.
She limped out to the car and of course I asked her why she was limping. Apparently all 100 lbs of Louie dropped his toe nailed foot onto her foot and her foot lost. She has a cut between her little toe and the "ring" toe or the second toe away from her little toe. That would be called the "ring finger" had it been on her hand instead of her foot. Are you still with me? That might have been a bit confusing and I'll understand if you finished that sentence with a "huh?"
She has that cut and also a huge bruise that covers the top of her foot. Tomorrow she will get an ibuprofen before leaving for school. It was difficult getting her to go to sleep this evening and I'm afraid she might be tired in class tomorrow.
I can barely keep my eyes open right now and it might be that this post is boring me to the point of semi consciousness. I can imagine how you must feel. This is the most I will subject you to. I'm going to bed.

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