Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Postman Beeps Twice

The mailman arrives daily but the time he arrives is never related to any schedule. I've noted him passing just after daybreak and other times well past dusk. To be sure you get it mailed on the day you place it in the mailbox you will have to do it the night before.
Our postman is very generous in his duties and if you have a package that is too big for your mailbox, he will walk to your door, ring the bell and leave your package on your doorstep thereby saving you a trip to the post office to pick it up. This only applies to patrons who don't have a big mean looking boxer dog hanging out in their yards. The daughter has one of these.
That same daughter lives in a cul de sac. Most of her neighbors are gone to jobs during the day so the cul de sac is quiet with very little traffic. I am usually the only one passing around it between 8AM and 5PM.
The daughter was lazing around today in an old  short T shirt, underwear and a sleepy look. Usually if I stop in to drop something off, no intention of making it a visit, I pull into her driveway and beep the horn a few times. I wait for her to get from her bedroom to the front door where she swings open the door and steps out on the deck in answer to my horn blast. 
Around noon today she was in her bedroom in that same old short T shirt, underwear and the sleepy look was accompanied with a book. She was studying and was adverse to being interrupted. Louie, the boxer,  was in the yard.  Faintly she heard the "beep, beep, beep, beep" of a car  horn and assumed it was me. Impatient with having to break her studying she marched to the door, swung it open and stepped out onto the deck with a scowl on her face. Midriff bare, book in one hand and bikini panties she assumed an aggravated stance. 
The postman standing in her driveway stood arm extended holding a package. Oh oops!  Standing in her T shirt and underwear and frowning face, she yelped and backed quickly back into the house to slip into something a bit more appropriate for a visit from the postman.
In the future I was instructed to ring her telephone to let her know I was in the driveway. I only wish I had been around to witness the look on her face and on the postman's face. Priceless!


  1. Gentle horn blowing is not your forte'..... You lay on that horn a lot like the postman who is in hurry to his next mailbox... You honk the horn like my house is in on fire and we are all inside unaware!!! I do love Papis leftovers!

  2. ....and sometimes you just ignore that horn. I know you are pretending as though you just don't hear it! Answering the horn beeps brings more leftovers...;-)

  3. that is guys are a 2 ring circus!!


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