Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Just when I was getting accustomed to writing "2012" on my paperwork without having to ask those around me what year we were in, it changes once again. I don't write many checks in a year. My debit card takes care of that and my monthly bills are just deducted out of the checking account so writing the current year is something I have get those standing close by to certify.
Nothing special planned for New Year's Eve. The pepperoni pizza bubbled in the oven, the salad was cut and the daughter and granddaughter were collected to spend the evening here. Poppy loads Carrie into his new truck to take her for a ride which I thought would be just around the neighborhood. Soon my phone rings and her excited child voice could be heard breathless, high and loud exclaiming "Poppy is buying fireworks Nanny!" I said "get your Poppy on the phone."  "You know fireworks aren't allowed in the city limits don't you? The police department  warned they were cracking down on them this year!" I heard a "yeah, yeah, yeah" and at this I touched the "end" button on the phone and waited for them to get back.
Carrie had a blast. She was allowed to light the fireworks with something called a "punk". It looks like a long long sparkler but it's end glows bright red after being torched by a lighter and it's used to light the fireworks, giving the lighter some escape time.
"Carrie, come here and show me your thumbs!" says her mother. Carrie extends her hands, thumbs up and her mother says "I just wanted to take one last look at them in case you get too close to those fireworks and you lose them." This was April's way of warning Carrie. Carrie heeded that warning. She would light one and then run screaming, face a perfect picture of fright and she hid beneath the patio roof. We would squeal with her as she ran screaming away from the lit fireworks then collapse into a chair laughing.

At some point the husband whispered "I think the cops just pulled up." My eyes must have looked as large as teacups. "Really?" I whispered? The daughter edged close to me and whispered too "Yeah. I saw the blue lights flashing." Since we were in the back yard with a six foot privacy fence, and I had been inside the house a few minutes prior to this announcement I figured I had missed what they had noted. I crept into the house and walked to the carport door where I opened it a crack to look toward the street. I've been lied to. "Very funny." I said to them when I returned to the back yard. I still expected them to show up before the fireworks were exhausted!
We managed to stay up until midnight and watched the ball drop in Times Square. I gave up dodging drunk drivers on New Years' Eve and prefer to spend it in the safety of my own home. ...a sure sign of maturity or is it old age? Ah, the joys of youth and all those misguided moments. I'm thankful that I have made it to the age of maturity or old age!

My wish for everyone this year is Health. Forget the wealth and wise; health is the most important thing you will ever possess. That realization comes with also with age!

Happy New Year to family friends and foe. Everyone deserves to be happy!


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