Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Morning...The Race is ON

Louie returned to his home last night. I know he was ready and I was ready too.

I have not owned a dog for years and years but the dog of choice when I did have one was a boxer. Louie is a fawn boxer, titled, papered and beautiful. Did I mention how large he is? How muscular? How much he can eat?

April called around 1700 hrs  to say Ted would be by around 2000 hrs to collect Louie. I mentioned it to him and I think his black lips stretched back over his little teeth into what only can be described as a doggie grin. We were both grinning. Louie is a good dog, no question about that. He even calmed down and took a short nap while I kept an eye on him. I'm sure I didn't watch the dogs I used to have. I don't know why I felt the need to stay alert while he was here. It might be that I am used to being vigilant when Carrie is spending time with me. I treat Louie with the same protection I offer Carrie. I might have a problem identifying with the needs of others?
Louie ambulated to the rug by the carport door, laid down for a few minutes then changed places with the rug at the front door. As the time for Ted to arrive, he suddenly became hyperactive, racing from the front door to the patio door, prancing and dancing around. Within seconds I heard a door slam. Louie heard Ted's truck and knew the sound it makes and was ready for him before he ever parked on the driveway. He is Ted's dog and spends his time in Ted's room when he is home. He identifies Ted's truck when it stops at the corner about a block from his house. Sometimes Ted makes a left turn to visit a friend instead of a right turn to go to his house. The daughter says Louie goes on alert when he hears Ted's truck at the stop sign and then falls to the floor and sighs when Ted makes that left turn to his friend's house instead of the right turn home. Poor Louie..ever faithful.

My house is almost back in order, a pot of beans is on the stove and the red chili meat is simmering with garlic and onions. Dinner is red chili stew, a dish we enjoyed when in El Paso, Texas years ago. We dined at an Indian Reservation restaurant and it was awesome. It wasn't difficult to duplicate the meal and it has become one of our favorite things to enjoy at home.

Sis called and we spent some quality phone time last night. More information was shared on our large family. The sickness that has invaded a family member is being prayed over by my sister. She believes this will eradicate the cancer. I listened and quietly left her with her beliefs. Hope is a wonderful thing.

It's back to the housework for me. I'm in the office now tidying up a bit and then I'll get dressed and head for the market. I'm done.


  1. Dogs are so incredibly loyal...and clever. My dog knows when my husband is on his way ages before we hear the motorbike. You'll miss him!

    Cancer is an awful disease. I lost a dear friend to it a few months ago. I couldn't pray because I don't believe but I wished with all my's all you can do. And yes hope is a wonderful thing xx

  2. I understand completely about the prayer thing....I don't venture there either...Hope...we can hope.


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