Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ya Wanna Do Anything Today?

...and the answer is "don't think so!" It's wet and cold and those combinations are not something I want to challenge by leaving the house. I have beds to make and closets to clean. I've kept the closet chores for just such a day as we are having and it appears that I will have most of the week for closet days.

I've contemplated a trip to North Carolina to see my sister and brother in law. Sis and I have talked about it and she is most encouraging. I watch the weather channel and driving through snow to get there keeps me grounded here. The husband won't have another job for 10 days so we have the time to make the trip and not have to hurry there and back but I think I would rather wait until spring. Spring and fall are my favorite time of year to travel; before it gets too hot and before it gets too cold.. 

Carrie spent the night again and again she started with the "I miss my MaaaaaaaaMa..." and again I had to tell her she wasn't being taken home. I'll be grateful when  she gets through this stage and returns to her normal self.....and to be continued later....those beds need some attention.

1900 hrs.
Naps and nightmares in full daylight and that's been my day. I didn't leave the house until it was time to collect Carrie and take her to her dance class. An hour was spent in the parking lot of the dance studio watching the rain splatter off the hood of my car. Huge puddles of water made the gravel parking lot an obstacle course for both the cars and the children trying to exit or enter the building.

I was going to moan and groan about our weather until I phoned a friend in Wyoming and she explained the 30 degree below weather that was blanketing parts of that state. I suppose a little rain, puddles and 40 degree sunless days aren't gonna kill me.

I'm going to find some Ibuprofen for this sinus headache listen to the rain.

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