Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rainy Rainy Day, Rainy Rainy Night

Everything is either very wet or in the least very damp. I still was out and about today. All those good plans to stay home and do some housework were tossed aside and into the wet outdoors I fled.
The remains of the hubby's truck contents still litter the carport. He got called out of town quicker then he expected so the tidying up was left to me. I haven't done it nor do I think I'll get to it tomorrow but just let the phone ring with word that he is heading home and I'll be moved to high speed to get everything done. I work better under pressure.
After escorting Carrie to her bus stop this morning, I headed to Walmart for some coffee and a loaf of bread. Has anyone ever went into Walmart for just a couple of things and not exited with twice as much as needed? While there I bought Carrie a new bathrobe and some leggings. 1500 hrs. found me parked on the roadside at her bus stop waiting. The first thing she said as she climbed into the car "Nanny, I'm not going home with you. I'm going to stay home with my MAMA.
Carrie was expecting friends to show up and they did. She slipped into the zebra patterned leggings and a shirt and tossed her uniform toward the washing machine, had her snack and then greeted her friends.
The Dance Four CD was slid into the Wii and with only two hand controls, the girls took turns dancing. I enjoy watching them. This CD was one of Carrie's Christmas presents so she has been practicing and has an edge on the other little girls. Arms swinging and legs scissor stepping, giggles erupted when they got lost and tried to get synced back to the onscreen dancers. 

I watched for a while, grabbed a goodbye kiss from Carrie and headed to Pat's house to install her printer for her. She picked up her computer today after having a clean install and an upgrade from Vista to Win7. I put shortcuts to her favorite web sites on her desktop and  got her printer online.

One of my passions is old photography. Your family, my makes no difference. I enjoy seeing the clothes that were worn, the hair styles and whatever shows in the background such as old cars and buildings that once were but have since been removed.

Pat dug out a video from 1990 and we sat down to watch. It was a filming of her mother's 90th birthday. I got to meet the rest of Pat's family and see Pat from 22 years ago before I had met her. Her granddaughter was seven years old in this film; the same age Carrie is now. The second video was of the christening of a jack up rig called the Broughten II which followed the first one built by Pat's brother. This film was from 1981 and shot in Orange, Texas. Big hair and big curls defined the time. Everyone was dressed  very conservatively, the women in pantsuits,or dresses, the men in suits, they listened to the convocation and then toured the rig. The camera man followed the crowd around the rig, up stairs and around the machinery used to operate this huge machine on the open seas.   These rigs helped make Pat's brother a very wealthy man. Millions of dollars went into building it; this tour was given via this video and to the other 500 people invited and on board the rig which concluded with everyone loading back up into the three Greyhound Buses reserved to transport some of the crowd.

As I sit here watching the weather report on the weather channel, the sky seen from my front door is a constant flash and roar of thunder and lightening. Big storm here. The water is flooding the area, though we remain safe for now. I've never known any houses in this subdivision to get flooded. I'm hoping this remains the norm for here. If not for the big live oaks with their tons of branches extending across the highways here, I would tour around in my car in this storm. The mental image of one of those huge branches skewering my automobile keeps me attached to my sofa and watching it from home. I can see cars passing in front of my house and hear the water picked up by the tires; the whoosh of the water as it forms an arc and the splat as it is repositioned on the highway and the waves created in the street before it slowly drains away awaiting the next car coming through.

The husband just called from Texas. He is experiencing the same weather and cautioned me to watch for tornadoes which are also predicted for this storm. Weather warnings are now breaking into regular television viewing to broadcast severe weather warnings. High winds, high waters, river stages and tornadoes and road closures  and multiple car accidents.'s a stromin fer sure! 

Housework  and a few family phone calls and a nap by 1400 hrs, I have my day planned.  

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