Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Name Game

She skips away and over her shoulder she says "Nanny, you can't call me 'Baby Girl'. Only my Poppy calls me that!" and away she goes.
A few hours later I call out "Hey Boogie! Where are ya?" I hear her footsteps fall as she walks down the hall having just left her bedroom.''
The phone rings and upon answering it I hear her mother's voice "Where is The Cheesecake?". I turn and hand the phone to Boogie, Baby Girl and The Cheesecake all wrapped into one.
By birth and on her birth certificate it reads "Carrie Lane Elisabeth and her last name which I will omit here. Seldom does she hear these names. Of course the school she attends uses her first name.
Sometimes I'm Nanny and sometimes Nana and at times "Mama". I answer to all three.
 Poppy is just Poppy.
My grandmother used to call me Shauna. I have no clue where this came from. I used to call my daughter "Dawnie".
Calling Carrie "Boogie" came from the times we danced around the coffee table when she was 3yrs old emulating the monkeys dancing in the movie  "The Jungle Book". We were booging..and she would giggle and beg me to put on that DVD each time she visited. We danced a lot when she was 3.
  The name game is one of the things that  make a family unique. Years from now when these names are used, Carrie will relate to her unique group of people that loved her so much they had to rename her something special that applies to only them.
I love ya Boogie!

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