Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Could Have Made The Walmart Photo Gallery

I've mentioned the weather on here and though I try not to dwell on it, I have to reiterate.."it's damn cold here!"
The one pair of sweat pants I own is a navy blue with elastic around the waist and cuff. The stuff around the waist can no longer be considered elastic. I should have pitched them years ago which would prevent me from grabbing them on cold mornings when I want to make a quick trip to Walmart.
One hand is used to hold them up which leaves me struggling to get anything done. I headed to Walmart with one goal. New sweatpants. All through the store I wandered, one hand hiking up my sweat pants as I felt them creeping over my hips and southward. All I could envision was those pictures of those Walmart shoppers splayed all over Facebook wearing the most outrageous attire and shopping oblivious as to their appearance. I  have not collected on my 15 minutes of fame which is due, I've heard, to each one of us  I surely don't want it to be on Facebook in the Walmart shoppers collection of photos with my pants around my ankles.
I am now the owner of two new pair and I managed to not make a spectacle of myself. I'm saving my 15 minutes of fame for something more noble then exposing myself in the "walk of shame at Walmart".
The first thing I did on returning home was to peel off those navy blue sweat pants and stuff them deep into the garbage pail. My lovely new sweat pants with matching T shirt doubles as sleepwear for those cold mornings when I have to get out of bed early and get Carrie to the bus stop. I can now use both hands to accomplish is good.
We had plans to go out for lunch but after having a little discussion on where to go, the husband suggested going to Earl's for a "take out" lunch. He made the trip alone. I've already braved the elements and the elements haven't changed much since my trip this morning. Rain continues to fall in a fine drizzle and the temperature hovers at 37 degrees. We haven't seen the sun in a week and I think that must be the worst part. The days are just dreary, wet and cold. It beats mud, snow and heat. I'll take what we have for a winter day.
I'm warm and fed and that must mean it's nap time?

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