Monday, January 7, 2013

Today at Pat's

"Pat from around the corner and down the street one block"  is in computer distress.
" When all else fails, reset the computer to an earlier time." I said.
Not only would it NOT reset but starting it in safe mode and trying to set it to "factory settings" was a no go also. Gazing at the monitor, the first time after trying to reset it, the flickering of the Google page was most distracting. The edges would cave in a bit, visual vibrations shook the page and then it would settle down to a soft rolling boil. Not only was the computer out of sorts but also the monitor was being a whole lot squirrely.
"Could it be the video card? If that was the case, the computer wouldn't have balked at letting me do a restore." I said to myself. A few more minutes spent on this and I began to unplug everything from the CPU while Pat hurried to her closet to bring out the 'extra' CPU.
Not concerned with cord neatness, I rapidly plugged everything up and gazed at the monitor. OMG! The monitor was still doing it's crazy dance. Back to the closet Pat went for the other monitor. Ah, what a relief it is! Success!

The CPU crawled its way to the monitor and did a beautiful display of quiet imagery. Tomorrow computer number one will go to have the program restored or be checked for hard drive failure.
I'm still a bit amazed that both the CPU and the monitor would fail at the same time. What's your chances of that happening?  Jeff will run a check on everything. Jeff is my "go to" guy when all else fails.
I should have bought the Win7 Program so I could take measures a bit further before having to take it in to be looked at.
The last CPU I had to mess with acted jittery. I swapped out monitors to see if it was the monitor or the CPU and it was the video card. After a few days of jittery, it failed to activate at all and had to have a card installed. In the same week my laptop failed and had to have a hard drive. Ah, if it weren't for computers I'm sure some major appliance would be taking it's turn in sick bay. Always somethin' huh?

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