Friday, January 11, 2013

The Stash

I wanna stay home with "Mama!"

She gathered her clothes from the back seat of the car and followed her Mama to her house. I am taking note of the different changes in Carrie and her newest development is wanting to spend all her time with her Mama. I miss having her around. Carrie and Louie compete for my vote on who requires the most attention. Louie's pee breaks and Carrie's requests for something to drink keeps me hopping.

I just heard from the husband. He is heading home tomorrow. Shortly after that phone call, the vacumn could be seen dragging me around the house, the dishwasher was sluicing hot soapy water over the dishes stacked in the double trays and the washer and dryer were kept in constant operation.  The car is clean, the Christmas decorations have finally been moved from the table on the patio into the "Little House" and stacked almost neatly in a corner. 

That phone call was all the inspiration I needed to tidy up a bit around here. This might sound as though I'm itimidated by the husbands return but you would be wrong. My allowance is on the line here. We split his expense money. Shared equally the expenses can mount up depending on the days he is on a job. The  paycheck goes into the bank where it's used as needed for household expenses and savings. The 'allowance' is money that can be spent as frivously as wanted. No accounting for where it goes, it's stash money. I wouldn't want the husband to think I wasn't doing my share around here and not earning my stash.

I stash the cash. It's usually used for something the daughter or the grandchilden might need. The Stash has bought cars for graduation, emergency situations and cash gifts. Long live The Stash.

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