Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Carrie and the Mustache

Dressed in her black T-strap exercise shirt and the black stretch exercise capris, dance bag clutched in her hand, she completed her outfit by wearing the above pictured sun glasses. They are borrowed from one of her mother's friends and will have to be returned some day so Carrie wears them as much as possible. She always gets a reaction from people and she loves it.

Yesterday afternoon was her dance class and off we went, sunglasses attached to her face. After the class she wanted to stop at Mickey D's. I agreed.

"Nanny, I wanna go inside." she says.

"Carrie, let's just go through the drive through. I want to get home. You can eat your sandwich at home."

She pleaded and I kept questioning her about why she wanted to go inside. She wasn't interested in eating her sandwich inside but just ordering it was enough. More questions followed about this and finally she says " I want to wear my sunglasses inside."

Inside we went. The cashier at the counter starts to take our order, looks down and spots Carrie with her sunglasses and breaks into a big smile.

 "Kewl sunglasses!" he says to her and of course Carrie beams. Another employee passes behind the counter, stops and looks and grins.

 "Hey, I like your shades!" and Carrie beams again.

 She is having a great time with her funky glasses and politely murmurs her "thank you".

We gathered up the sandwiches and left. Carrie was satified with her public exhibition; we headed home.

I love hangin out with Carrie!

She did mention to me this morning while waiting on the bus,
"Nanny, I will be 8yrs old on the 8th of the month of October. I don't want a party. I want to go somewhere."

She is referring to the trips we take on Ted's birthday every year. We usually go to Galveston for a few days and one of them is spent at the water park.

I'm going to suggest to the daughter that we take her to Disney World but it will have to be an Easter trip or a spring trip as she will be in a school session. Maybe a trip to Destin, Fla. for a week right BEFORE school begins? Undecided at this time and I won't mention it to her until it's decided where to go. Carrie never lets you forget a promise.

It was  a good day here to clean out the roadster and shampoo her skin. We are leaving for the casino this afternoon for some blackjack and dinner.

It's time to wash my skin now and I'm outta here!

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