Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My sister and I had a long chatty telephone conversation this morning. A big family always has a lot of drama and mine is no different. My siblings have managed to make it this far in their lives without murder or mayhem but that doesn't say that there have not been some rule breakers. I  try to keep a low profile and keep my head down while viewing them from afar. Plans are being made for a long visit as soon as the health problems in her house are resolved. It has been a few years since she has visited and she thinks it's time.  I do too.
We caught up during our conversation on the latest drama, the current illnesses and deaths and ended our conversation which we knew will be continued at a later date  as the next chapters unfold.  I still think my husband's family is far more entertaining then mine but I also think we are catching up to his very quickly.  

Rain. I can't stress the word enough right now. Not only has it been raining all day but tonight we are in the midst of a down right deluge. Visibility is poor and the roads are slick. Carrie waded through water to get to the steps to the dance studio. Curly hair was frizzed and the straight hair was limp and smacked to the heads of the dance moms. My garbage can is still sitting at the end of my driveway. I'm going to find an umbrella and bring it into the back yard before the winds pick up and it goes rolling down the street. 
I have Carrie spending the night. The land around her home floods when the rains are as constant as they have been today. She would have to wade to the car tomorrow. The better option was having her stay here. She is very tearful tonight. She climbed up on the sofa and wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. As tears rolled down her cheeks she whispered "I want to go home and be with Mama."
Usually she does this when it is time to get into bed. This was not about going to bed. I think Carrie is just exhausted. This was her second day back in school after the long Christmas break. She mentioned earlier that she almost fell asleep in class which leads me to believe she hasn't adjusted back to getting to sleep early enough so to the tub she went. We cancelled the games on the Wii and instead had a nice warm bath. I have her tucked into bed with the television tuned to one of her favorite stations an we are 2 1/2 hrs early on this. I explained to her that she didn't have to go to sleep right now but she did have to get into bed and relax. I'll give her thirty minutes to an hour to calm down and then it will be lights out an hour earlier then her normal time.
I'm sipping on a  cup of hot chocolate and rippin through this blog while tuned in to a local news channel. One parrish has already closed it's schools for tomorrow due to fears of flood waters colliding with school buses.
2037 hrs and Carrie is asleep. A few minutes of quiet talk, she lay close to me as she drifted off. I slipped from the bed and to the living room. I'm going to find a bowl of cereal and a comfortable spot on this sofa and watch some CNN.

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