Friday, January 4, 2013


Quick! Hand me that candy bar!
I've successfully broken all the usual resolutions one might make on January1st. I want to get them out of the way to dispel the usual depression that follows the breaking of each one as the months go by. Break all of them in the first week of January; have one day of depression and move on.
The weekend approaches. I should hit some stores today and check out some sales. The problem is, I don't need a thing; have more then I need or wear hanging in my closets and I'm not interested enough in this house to change anything. I'm stalemated.
I'm watching the news and the lawsuit being reviewed regarding Internet defamation of character. Freedom of speech does not excuse one from defaming anothers' character. Some Facebookers might be heading for the same fate if this lawsuit sets the bar for online assassinations. Once put in print, it's always around somewhere. Facebook is not for everyone.
A church it is not. It's tiring to find my page filled with prayers and quotations obviously lifted from the sermon just attended and regurgitated back to Facebook. Have you ever tried to communicate with a person consumed by religious fervor? Their answer to everything is "I've turned it over to God. It's in God's hands now." So much for an open ended conversation. 
I've just noticed that a couple that have been engaged in multiple marriages and children from these marriages are now starting a church. If you can get one going, this is a good gig to have. Check out Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker.
I'm thankful there is a way to bypass posts from these individuals. God bless.

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