Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fear Mongering, Getting a Little Old

The fiscal cliff. Did anyone stay up late for the results? Since we have little influence in that decision, I wrapped up in a pair of flannel pj's and went to bed. I'll get the results in the morning over coffee and will still not really understand what the teetering over the cliff will mean to us except for a huge amount of money confiscated from our monthly paychecks. I'm still confused about how the national debt is supposed to be reduced. The only way obvious to all is to raise taxes isn't it? I've heard people whine about the debt being passed on to our great grandchilddren to pay which still doesn't explain how they expect it to get paid unless they tighten up their own belts.
And on the flip side of this coin, the deductions might cause many to lose their homes and cars and make food, health care and many other services out of their reach. I have no answer for any of the debates and complaints. Minds that have been trained in economics are baffled also.
Cuts. When the politicians talk about "cuts", even during the election when they touted this, they would not specify who would the cuts affect. Of course that was vote related. They weren't going to step on a "voters' toes" when campaigning was all about garnering those votes.
In short...we are in a huge mess that I don't feel this generation nor the next two will ever see it corrected. I don't feel this country has reached the bottom of this mess yet.
Opinions are like a**h****....everyone has one but not everyone has a fix and on that note, I'll simply slip over here to the chair in the far corner of the room and watch for a while.

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