Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dip, Slip, Duck and Hide

A whole day of football or at least that's what the husband did today. I alternated between watching a little of the game and trying to watch then end of the documentary on the History Channel about the Presidents.
Watching current events are beginning to make my head ache. The right wing nut jobs that are buying up all the ammo and guns are boosting the economy and making the gun manufacturers richer then they were and that's saying a lot. The excuses for owning those semi automatics range from our "rights via the second amendment to protecting themselves from enemy attacks. I'm astounded and saddened at the same time. I had no idea we were so addicted to weapons. Inflaming those right wing nuts, can only lead to violence and I fear for those targeted as taking away their "rights".
Tomorrow the President will hold his inauguration. All those that profess to be patriotic, I assume they will be watching. What better way to exhibit your support for this country.
It is very easy to recognize when someone is inciting others to deny their allegiance; to take a poll which they know will justify their own feelings while camouflaging their racism. Innocently asking "who will be watching the inauguration tomorrow" was done with ulterior motives. Let's get a poll out there in public while never offering your own views even when the question is broached back at the one poling others. It's a form of subtle affirmation. We used to call it "stirring feces" though another word was used instead of feces.
It's the sneaky ones we must be aware of. Sweet on the surface but with a heart of bitterness and hate which is bound to find its way to the surface, bubbling gently and oozing out to stain what it touches. I do believe it was called "two faced" for a good reason. When I recognize it in a person I give a wide berth, and steer well clear of them. They tend to use others to do their evilness so they can maintain the facade of specialness that is very important to them. The old saying "You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time" applies to this type of person. It will make the person very angry and vengeful when they know they have been revealed and discovered. It's a dangerous time to be around them. I suggest you get far away and keep it to yourself once you have made that discovery. It is safer to do no confrontation; hiding is your best bet. That's my POA or "plan of action" when I uncover these types. I drop back very quietly, and stay out of the way, low profile, avoidance and usually they pass on by to another target. I refuse to be involved in their games. Being a scapegoat for someones entertainment is not a game I'll play.
I've swallowed my Ambien so I might have to reread this tomorrow and scan for redundancy and typos. My fingers are getting slow, my eyelids are getting heavier. I might have to find the bed while I can still walk  and not crawl there. Night all!

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