Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Down side from Hump Day..

Ok so it's Thursday and if I had a job I would be rejoicing. The unemployed, I prefer that to saying "retired", count the days of the week differently then those still sloughing along toward a paycheck and the weekend.

The weekends now mean to me to stay out of the stores and do my shopping on week days. The traffic on the streets and in the stores on weekends is only something I do when I forget what day of the week it is. Usually a few minutes into a weekend drive the first clue is all the car smash ups which is another reason to stay off the weekend highways.

Today the sun burst through; something we haven't seen for weeks now. Not only did the scenery look highlighted but smiles were everywhere. It might have been my imagination but the people around me looked brighter. I dragged out the pail and scrub brush and bathed my car. Seldom does it ever have mud  on it and but after two weeks of rain it was definitely time for a bath. It is still a bit nippy out but the sunshine causes one to overlook the chill.
 I can hear the whir of the neighbor's lawn mower. Clothed in a heavy coat and jeans, he pushes the lawn mower down the piece of property adjoining our houses. Why? We woke up this morning to a heavy frost; ice on the car door caused it to creak and crack when I pried it open and now I'm listening to a lawn mower?  Maybe the sunshine triggered the need to mow. It hasn't hit me yet. I'm standing firm on mowing starting in May and even then I'll complain. I'm not missing summer yet. What's the rush? Sweat, heat and humidity...bah..I don't want any.

Ultimate Guide To The Presidents is on the History Channel again tonight. I watched it last night, glued to the broadcast I detest reality shows; it's a shame more  U.S. citizens don't watch the History Channel instead of Fox's Faux News and those asinine brain dumbing down reality shows.

And on that note, I'll shut this down and finish watching this program.



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