Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Ark, The Odors and The Louie

To Whom it May Concern:

The water has risen, receded and risen once again. The daughter's house is surrounded by water and I have the dog.

Louie (the dog) is spending the day with me. I have a huge
back yard and a dog has to have a place to pee.  He had to swim to the truck in order to be delivered to my house today. Ted, the grandson, bought him here and let him loose in my fenced back yard. I watched from the French doors in the dining area to see what he was doing. The first thing he did was hike his leg and pee on the white columns that sit on the concrete and support a corner of the patio.

The yard is huge with plenty of grass and he had his choice of bushes. Apparently he has peed on grass in the past but a nice white column was a new experience.

I had errands to run and after checking the patio to make sure there was nothing he could ruin, I  hit the road. I suppose I should have put the roll of wrapping paper away and not left those cardboard boxes within Louie's reach. I don't have  a clue as to why he thought the vent cover for the dryer exhaust  needed to be removed and mangled. Louie was a busy little fellow. Maybe I should have left the TV on for him?

I've checked with April on the water conditions around her house. Apparently the water has receded once again and it appears that heavy rains are not expected tonight. The yard is clear but she still thinks Louie and I should spend some quality time together. I think Louie misses his family and needs to be with the ones that love him so much.

Don't worry about that pizza. I'm happy that he enjoyed it although I was amazed that he could eat a huge pizza that quickly and with all those peppers and olives. I've decided to have some cottage cheese and peaches instead.

Right now he is sleeping. I'm trying to ignore his flatulence. I keep telling myself it's just a natural thing. I've sneaked off to the bedroom and locked myself in. I hope his feelings aren't hurt when he discovers me gone. Since I quit smoking 4 years ago I have become super sensitive to odors.

P.S. I now remember why I don't own a pet.


  1. I'm sorry that I'm laughing Charlotte Ann, but this is why I love dogs so much. Mischievous little devils. But the flip side of the coin is the unconditional love you get from them. BUT other peoples' dogs are a bit like other peoples' children...ok for a short time then you want to give them back.

    Here's hoping there's no more rain to come. Take care xx

  2. You can't help but love Louie. He loves everybody...and I don't really mind having him here. He enjoys the yard and the freedom and is welcome anytime!


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