Monday, January 21, 2013

Big Day for the USA!

Inauguration for the second term of Barrack H. Obama. Long live democracy and a democratic election that by majority rule, we the people have made a statement and extended this President's term. It's time to show your patriotism and as G. Bush said when our military invaded a country under false pretenses, "if you don't support our troops, you don't support our country" and based on this statement.."if you don't support our President, you surely are not supporting this country" only follows in that vein.

I heard this morning people condemning the media for broadcasting what Michelle Obama would be wearing. I'll just betcha these same people watch the TV show "Keeping up With The Kardashians" and if they don't, I don't hear condemnation for it being broadcast. All those years of mind numbing coverage of Paris Hilton and Nicole Smith and these people are condemning coverage of Ms. Obama's clothes and new hair style?  ...and how unattractive she is?

Really? I'm sure those making these statements will never get a phone call from Vogue or even Mad Magazine. You have to dig deep to be so unchristian to others with their petty assessments. What are these pillars of their community teaching their children?

I'm done with my little rant. I just shake my head, roll my eyes and smother a giggle. You have to have a sense of humor around these folks. I don't think they get out much.

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