Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morn

Thanks to Ambien, I enjoyed an uninterrupted sleep but I still awoke before 0500. I feel rested and that's the most important reason to sleep. I don't have a plan today to get anything done or do a thing. A trip to Peggy's pool might happen although I'm ambivalent about that too. I know that I need to not over work this foot and though the rest of me might feel like hiking a mountain, the foot doesn't.

After a few hours of walking, the swelling commences and the pain level increases. Burning pain is noted in the ankle which gives me notice to sit down.

Hikers in Iran jailed? Let me ask this. Isn't there safer places to hike in this world then close to the Iran border where you just might not know exactly where the border is and expose yourself to being detained there? How important is hiking in that area. Now we must spend time trying to get them out. Why? I say, "leave em". Maybe more of them would get the message. It's unsafe. Go somewhere else!

I'm watching the disaster in the Gulf. My question is, what was Plan B for British Petroleum just in case the BOP failed? Wouldn't you think a company with this many engineers and money would have an alternate plan of action just in case a rig took a kick and the blow out preventer (BOP) failed while at a depth that would prohibit divers to address the problem?

I'm leaving now to await some signal on where this day will take me. Hopefully it won't be back to bed!

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