Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Barney and Friends

Ted spent the night and I was up and in the kitchen early this morning whipping up some scrambled eggs and bacon for him. He protested that he didn't have time to eat, his bus would be here soon. "Not to worry", I told him. I'll take you to school so sit down and have breakfast."
After dropping him off at school, I headed to Walmart to pick up a few things then back to the house where I have remained all day. Carrie managed to convince me that she needed to be with me so she is hanging out here until her mother gets back from her errands. It's all about Sesame Street and Barney right now.
I had to tell her there would be no swimming for the next few days. My skin can't handle any more sun. I looked like I have been parboiled now. I had sun screen in my beach bag but neglected to use it. Carrie fared much better then me. She had been playing out in the sun before our pool excursion.
No changes in the foot. I can get around very slowly without the cane but sometimes I resort to using it so I can move faster. I could use a nap right now but I don't think I could convince Carrie that she needs one.
I'll be watching Sesame Street for a while. We are learning to whistle. I'm done.


  1. Two questions.

    1) For how many years of sunburns have you been forgetting sunscreen?

    2) Would WalMart collapse if you switched to K Mart?

  2. Buffalo: I forget the dang sunscreen EVERY year and every year I swear I won't go through this again. We don't have a KMart...closed them all down plus Walmart has those electric carts I seem to have grown so fond of.

  3. I always forget sunscreen too...but I do avoid the sun as much as I can. Just occasionally I get caught out though and my skin peels dreadfully.


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