Saturday, May 15, 2010

At Least They're Poppin

I still have conjestion from that cold or allergy or whatever decided to attack my lungs, head and eustachian tubes. I feel as though I have my fingers stuffed in my ears while talking. Thankfully they have started popping a little so maybe they are going to clear up without a visit to an ENT specialist. Ever notice how going to see a doctor is always a specialist? Whatever happened to the GP? Remember him? He took care of you from head to toe and charged a mere pittance in comparison to today's doctors/specialist.
Carrie and Ted are up and about early this morning and what that means is there is no "me" time for a while. Ted has been offered pay to wash the cars so of course he is washing them. I think I'll charge him for breakfast, lunch, dinner and laundry not to mention gas and maintenance for transporting him all over the place. Ah, kids. Everyone needs 4 or 5 of the little beasts.
It poured down the rain a few hours ago and that is forecast for all weekend. I must go now as Carrie is beating on the front door and calling my name.
Apparently she can't get the door open. It's kid time here at my house. I'm done...for a while.


  1. Finally! At last! Sunny sky here.

  2. We needed this rain. Hang in there long enough and our rain will be moving your way!


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