Thursday, May 13, 2010

Craving Oysters

For the past few weeks my cravings for Oysters have nudged me more times then that cigarette of bygone days. I relate this to the greasy Gulf and the slippery slick spreading across the waters.
Seafood here was plentiful and cheap. Fresh fish could be spotted alongside the oysters and shrimp spread on ice chips in glass fronted coolers. If that wasn't fresh enough for you, you might want to drive to Delchambre. Delchambre is a shrimper town about 15 minutes from here. Shrimp boats in various states of repair or refueling are lined up at the docks. 50 lbs of shrimp? No problem. You can buy the grade you want from the small salad shrimp to the medium size for stews and gumbos to the large hand sized ones that are not my particular favorite.
How long will they be able to supply fresh cheap shrimp? $2.85/lb to 3.00/lb heads on and weighted out for you right at the dock was how we did it. Is that a thing of the past?
I'm going somewhere today for a oyster po'boy or just a plate of oysters while the getting is good.
That's my plans but that doesn't mean I'm stickin to em.
Ted and I made the rounds yesterday. We went to McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic and Fresh Pickins and picked up applications. Ted is searching for summer employment and after school hours. His goal is to get that job, save enough money for auto insurance and get his liscense. He has to have six months paid on his insurance before he will be allowed to drive his truck. Goals are a good think don't ya think?
He spent the night and now it's time to make sure his alarm roused him out of bed and get him to school. I enjoy him staying with me. Sometimes the bedtime hour becomes a hassle. We differ in opinion on how many hours of sleep he needs. I usually win. I'm bigger and older and I hold the truck keys.

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