Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hot, Humid and Waiting

Yeah, it's hot but so what? It's summer and of course it's hot. I don't have to like it and I don't. Give me some good ole Louisiana winter, a pair of slacks and a sweater and I'm good.
I'm sitting here listening to the siren sound from the television as a weather alert crawl does just that across the top of the screen. That crawl screams out that there will be severe storm, damaging hail, lightning and all matter of creatures falling from the sky. I could have exaggerated on that part about the creatures. Maybe my family attending the fair might not be a good idea today. Atop the Ferris wheel with lightning looking for a rod to the ground might light up your life...or end it. I'm hoping they stay home and postpone that trip to tomorrow. By that time Carrie will be home and I will go along to chaperon her while everybody else rides the "big rides".
I should have, but didn't, get my hair cut today. I drove by the shop and it was displaying a big "OPEN" sign but I slid on by. I had some shopping to do and getting my hair shortened wasn't on my list of things to get done today.
I did manage to get home and get all comfy on the big sofa and drift off to nap land while the television burped forth some television show that apparently didn't hold my interest enough to prevent me from falling asleep. These naps aren't something I've recently discovered. I have to admit, I have always enjoyed an afternoon nap. Getting up early, usually before dawn, causes me to need that nap.
I'm going to sit on the front porch with my fresh brewed cup of coffee and watch this storm come in. The clouds are whirling, their colour darkening to a deep smoke grey and the thunder is rattling around in the distance. I'm going to enjoy the show until the flashes of light get too close for comfort.
I enjoy a good storm.

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  1. I've had afternoon naps for years...also a result of waking up far too early in the morning. Although I really enjoy early morning,particularly during the hot summer.


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