Friday, May 14, 2010

Tap Lightly at First, Then Pound Soundly

I thought a nice thing to do yesterday would be to collect Ted from his school instead of him having to take the bus. It's a short bus ride of about 25 minutes but still, it's nice to bypass all those stops the bus makes and go direct to the house. Since I was in the neighborhood of his school, I texted him and told him I was close and it was minutes until he would be released and did he want me to pick him up at the door. Of course he texted right back with "Cool" and taking "cool" to mean "yes" and not a weather report, I texted again to tell him I would be there.
My new cell phone has a big screen, is a smart phone, and requires that I pay an EXTRA fee to either have internet access OR unlimited texting and since the unlimited texting was the cheaper of the two options, I opted for it. Now I text. I don't do it a lot but if you want your children to not ignore your phone call, try texting them. They love to text and will jump at the opportunity to slide open their phones to their QWERTY keyboards and tap away. I know you must wonder where I am going with this,; trust me. I'm getting there.
I hated texting with my old Razor as it didn't really have a keyboard but numbers with small letters attached to each number, screen small so that the message was unreadable unless I found my glasses to read them. Too much trouble to get some information or contact with them. I informed my family to NOT text me and I wouldn't be texting them. Enter my new smart phone with the slide down QWERTY keyboard and I'm in business! I still don't text a lot but at least this big screen and large letters was a blessing.
Yesterday the texting was going swimmingly. Suddenly I notice the text has decreased in size. It had shrunk. Shrunk so much that I couldn't read it at all. Oh, no! I'm back to having to find my damn glasses. Meanwhile I'm getting these text messages from the daughter that a magnifying glass would stress to render them readable. Ted and I went through the whole phone's management folders trying to find a place to enlarge the text. He took the cd that came with it holding the owners manual and loaded it onto the desktop computer and read through it looking for that elusive hidden information. None to be found. More hours passed and occasionally we would pick that phone up and try something new that had suddenly occurred to us. Nope, I'm stuck on small. Still stuck on small for most of the evening.
I would text Ted and have him send me a test text and during one of these times, I accidentally hit the volume control on the side of the phone and the text leaped to Paul Bunyon size. I hope all the pounding I did on that little phone didn't damage it's innerds. Ted kept telling me that wouldn't help but when in doubt, pound on it a little huh? No where in the literature did Samsung share this information. Found by accident and now I won't have to take that phone back to AT&T this morning for some help. I now have to replan my day and where I will go.
I did mention to Carrie last night that we could put our suits on and go down to the fountain in the middle of town and cavort around in it as though we had lost our minds. She was all for playing like a little child. I may just watch. I hate the thought of being arrested.


  1. You can read it without your glasses? Sounds like what I need. Without my reading glasses on the display is pretty much blank.

  2. you can change the font size! Is that awesome or what?


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