Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Down, One To Go

I've shucked one crutch and I'm making it along using that lone crutch on the left side. I need to report on the heel healing so that I may look back to this to assist my memory.

Post op 7 weeks/bone spur removal/achilles tendon attachement:
I do know the pain has decreased in the bottom of my foot; not entirely gone but it feels much better. I have full range of motion now where in the beginning it felt tight in the ankle when I tried to rock forward on the ball and toes of my foot. Progress eh? The swelling is on the negative side when I first get up in the morning but as the hours pass and I spend time doing chores or errands or just walking around, it begins to swell and the burning starts near the incision site and that's when I retire to the sofa with an ice pack and elevate it for the remainder of the day.

I do believe it is improving and this Friday will be 7 wks. post op and 1 week that I was given permission to weight bear on it. I started out doing partial weight bearing using one crutch which wasn't enough so I commenced using two until the foot got less sensitive. Next week, maybe a cane?

In other news of which is sparse here, Carrie spent the night. She stayed because her mother is laying flooring and replacing kitchen cabinets so the house is a wreck and entertaining Carrie would have been a burden so here she stayed. I don't like to keep her while I'm in pain as pain leaves me impatient with dealing with all Carrie's requests and especially her demands. When did she start demanding? I have to remind her to "ask nicely and say "please'".

The husband mentioned last night that we could take a trip to the Casino tomorrow and enjoy some boiled Gulf shrimp which may not be a bad idea since seafood may be in short supply here. We are all watching the Gulf coast reports along with the rest of the nation on the oil spill.
I want to be up and about and doing things that I like to do. I want to be busy. It has been so long since I was busy. Sitting still for long was never in my plans. A desk job or a mill job or anything repetitive would never have been my choice of a job. I need to move. Restless. I always thought that meant a desire to move and that would have been how I would have described my life. On the move and on the go. I've been grounded for far too long and hopefully when this foot heals and the leg muscles get stronger, I will again embrace restlessness. It's not a bad thing!


  1. There's nothing worse than having your movements restricted when you are used to being so active...but you're getting patient...not too long now hopefully xx

  2. When I look at the progress of other patients with this injury/surgery, I feel that I'm progressing "better then expected". Thanks Ayak for stopping by!


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