Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yet Another Visit

At 7:30 this morning I will be sitting in the dentist's chair to get an impression made for the implant that was started 4 months ago. Be forewarned. If you ever decide to have an implant, know this. Tooth extraction, implanted spike with -multiple followups and X-rays to determine that the spike is healing in place, maintain a temporary tooth attached to the spike and this goes on for the next 4 months. That's where I am right now. Time for the impression to be done so the permanent tooth can be attached to that implanted spike. I won't have that tooth for another month? maybe. I suppose the lab will manufacture and the dentist's office will call me again for another appointment.

I'm sitting here after a night of interrupted sleep knowing I have to be in that chair in a couple of more hours. What was I thinking when I agreed to a 0730 appointment? I'll rethink this when it's time for the next appointment.

The receptionist tried to get me to schedule a deep scaling cleaning this morning and to that I said an emphatic "no". She questioned my reasons for refusing and to that I replied "I've had enough of stress and sitting in that chair while that hygienist digs beneath my gums is more then I want to endure right now.
We did make a trip to the casino yesterday afternoon and had a large platter of shrimp that was boiled in a spicy brew along with the sausages, corn on the cob, new potatoes and cornmeal muffins with jalapenos and it was awesome. I sampled a little of each item and did a "to go" with the majority of the shrimp which I'll enjoy later with some cocktail sauce. I prefer boiled shrimp cold anyway.
I'm alternating between a cane and a crutch and today is 8 days that I have been allowed to weight bear on this foot. The last 8 days have zoomed by. Not being banished to the sofa has alleviated the boredom suffered the previous six weeks and for that I'm grateful.
I'm waiting to find out where the husband's next job takes him and he should know something by this weekend. If it's some place that he can rent a room with a pool I plan on tagging along. A week lounging by a pool with a good book to read sounds like a good time to me. A weight room along side that pool, a jacuzzi and a good book, even better. Another few months and the weight gain from not smoking will hopefully be a loss. I continue to watch portion sizes and snacks have become a thing of the past. That hand to mouth action with food instead of a cigarette was just another habit/addiction that had to be given up but healing from the cigarettes had to be dealt with first. During all this time, not being able to be active didn't help the situation. I'm getting there, slowly, ever so slowly it seems to me.
I'm outta here to get dressed and to that appointment. I'm done.

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