Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dr. Dentist

I made it to the dentist's office and it never gets any easier to make that trip. My imagination works overtime as soon as I climb into that chair. Tilted back in the ugliest aquamarine colored dental chair, I am faced with a television tuned to country music. The sound isn't muted off but it is tuned very low. I spot the remote control across the room on the counter but to get to it, I would have to rescue my crutch from the other side of the room and it's just not worth it so I recline back and watch the tube. Soon the doctor/dentist appears with what looks like forceps and asks me to open wide. Yeah, right doc. Hold on a minute. Just what is the plan here? I'm one of those girls that likes to have it all spelled out in detail; I want to know what is happening.
The last time he had to glue in this temporary, he used a more powerful glue because the previous gluings didn't hold for even a week. I'm now worried that he will have to use maximum force to remove the temporary so he can take an impression for the permanent tooth. He assures me he isn't going to yank hard on it but will only latch on and wiggle till it comes loose. Deep breath and GO!
Ok, so I was all hyped up for nothing. It really wasn't so traumatic getting it out and soon a tray filled with goopy blue stuff was inserted into my mouth and I was instructed to bite down. Then the real pain. I had to stop by the receptionist desk and pay 1010.00 for the tooth. I seem to be on a roll here lately. The mail box offers up statements with requests for payment on the foot and though I must pay, I still remain grateful that my insurance covered a large portion of that bill as it did with the knee replacement. Maybe there is an end in site for medical attention for the remainder of this year. Just give me a year or two of good health.
The husband picked up some steaks from Earl's and as usual they were fork tender and juicy. A ribeye and a baked potato and that was supper. He leaves this weekend for another job in Texas. I don't know yet if I will be accompanying him as he doesn't know if he will be staying on site or in a motel. I can pack quickly. If it means a trip, I can pack in 20 minutes and be ready to go.
I don't have to see a doctor for 5 weeks and that is to be checked before he releases me from his care on this foot.
I stopped by Pat's today to look at her printer and give her a lesson in the skills of printing. She is learning and I know she feels overwhelmed with that computer at times although I constantly assure her that she is learning and it's a thing that takes time to learn. We learn something new when she wants to do something new on it. A lesson as needed; PRN lessons.
Day 8 of walking and most of today I used a cane. The foot has much improved for walking until it begins to swell. I have to elevate and ice as soon as I feel the pain from the swelling. This is to be expected for where I am in the healing process.
I may even venture into a shopping trip tomorrow. Granted, it will be a short slow trip, but something I haven't done for the past two months. I'm heading for the shower, some pajamas and some sofa time. I'm done.

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