Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sun, Pool and Lobsters

It's official. Two days in a row and this foot has been less painful and easier to use as a foot should be used. I'm walking without a crutch or a cane or at least I did today. Progress and healing. I'm convinced that I'm on the recovery road and I'm very excited.

Today, Carrie and I packed a cooler of drinks, some food and our beach towels and dressed in our swim suits, we headed to Peg's house and some pool fun.

Carrie donned a yellow float device around her chest and Peg spent some time giving her swimming lessons. Carrie is anxious to learn and follows Peg's instructions in earnest. She worked and she played and the sun beating down caused her cheeks to glow. That glow extended to my cheeks, chest and arms and I have taken on that lovely lobster color from today's fun.

Around 1600 hrs we toweled off and headed for home. Carrie was hungry and I was in a hurry to get out of my wet suit. I parked her at the kitchen counter with some chicken nuggets and headed for the shower. Glancing in the mirror, I noted the lobster look was increasing as my body cooled off. I'm afraid layers of skin will be peeling off in the next week and that always makes for such an attractive look.

Carrie was delivered back to her home and it wasn't long before her mother texted me to say that she had passed out early. That swimmin is sure tough on a little girl. A tired little girl will sleep soundly tonight and I think this tired old girl will do the same. Goodnight.

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