Friday, May 14, 2010

Mud Bugs and Birthdays

Today was Lance's birthday. Lance and Carol are a couple that April has known for years and to celebrate Lance's birthday, a crawfish boil was planned. The water was heated in the pot atop the propane burner, spices and potatoes, carrots, onions, sausage and corn on the cob was set to cooking. Sometime later, the tender vegetables were removed and the live crawfish were dropped into the pot. Newspapers were spread on the picnic table and the feast began. To watch the natives pop the heads away from the tails and dig out the yellow fat embedded in the head, dip them in sauce and eat them in one fluid motion. No time is wasted and they can go through a couple of pounds each in a few minutes.

This is the first crawfish boil of the season for me. The price of crawfish has skyrocketed and everyone bemoans that fact. The restaurants have a long line and extra help is hard to find to serve. It's crawfish season in southwest Louisiana.
Carrie and Ted are spending the night and as I type this, Carrie is asleep and snoring loudly. I had to wait till she fell asleep before I swallowed my Ambien. If I go to sleep before she does, she crawls out of bed to find her Poppy or whoever else may be here for her to do some socializing.
Tomorrow Ted will be busy washing the cars while Carrie and I plant some flowers and water the ones that are already in the ground and blooming. The poor cucumber an pepper plants suffer major neglect when the husband leaves town. They are on the patio and when it's hot I seldom venture out there so I forget about them for days at a time. They are on my list for tomorrow's watering.
I'm ready for some sleep and it's time to elevate the foot. I'm done!

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