Thursday, May 13, 2010

Phone Pal

Tomorrow my friend sheds her home life for a week at the beach with a couple of her friends and minus all family. She has grand plans involving walks on the beach, using the indoor pool on rainy days and eating sinfully usually unallowed foods.
They will stroll through T-shirt shops, junque stores and taste the seafoods fresh from the Atlantic waters. She will stay up late and sleep in and totally ignore clocks and schedules. In short, she will be on vacation.

Have fun my friend. Remember what I said about the poolboy. Two words, "Hook up " and two more words "tell all". You go out there and let those that couldn't make this trip live vicariously through your actions.

I'm going to miss our daily phone calls but I'm going to be thrilled that you are having a good time which you truly deserved.

Don't forget the pool boy.

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